Worker Profile: Angelic Cathey
Angelic Cathey
Angelic Cathey joined the Fight For $15 in its early days in Memphis, 2013. Recently, she joined thousands of fast food workers to descend on McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, IL to demand the company pay living wages and provide union rights for workers. She was featured in this powerful article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

“She’s behind in her rent. She’s had her car repossessed, and her utilities and phone cut off more than once. She’s forced to rely on food stamps and predatory lenders.

With three kids and shifting hours, she doesn’t have time to look for a better job. With just a high school diploma, she doubts she’d find one anyway.”

These are reasons why Angelic finds it so important to stop McDonald’s race to the bottom and their insistence on paying poverty wages. Angelic, and all of Memphis 15 are standing up for $15 and union rights.

April 14, 2016 Global Day of Action 
Memphis hosted it’s biggest Fight for $15 action yet! On April 14, 2016 hundreds joined fast food and home care workers to rally for $15/hr and union rights at 6am and 5pm. Thank you to everyone who supports and continues to support Memphis $15. Without strong and consistent community allies we would not be able to do this important work. Read more about our April 14 action in the Tri-State Defender
Signs with messages such as “McJobs Cost Us All” and “McWages Hold Us All Back,” signaled the focus on McDonald’s, the world’s second-largest employer and the industry leader in the fast food and service economies. What is being demanded of McDonald’s? Namely that the corporation “change its business model and use its massive economic power to lift up working families across the globe instead of dragging them down” 
Find more press coverage here, here (Fox13), & here (Business Journal).


Memphis Fast Food Workers walked off the job to protest poverty wages, in their fight for $15 and a union without retaliation from employers Dec 4, 2014. Watch their full video hereTennessee Fast Food Protest

August 29, Memphis joined the fight for $15 and union as the demonstration raise wages fast-food workers begins— August 29, 2013 • By Samantha Bryson of the Commercial Appeal


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