St. Louis, MO

April 14, 2016: The #FightFor15’s Largest Ever Strikes & Protests
STL 414 RB HiRez 4PM McDs Rally (6)
Workers in fast food, child care, home health care and education came together to demand living wages for all. Workers called on McDonald’s to step up and change a business model that brings down the local economy and influences other industries. Child care workers demanded higher government subsidies on a state and federal level in order to provide affordable care for all families and to pay child care workers living wages. The day ended at McDonald’s, where workers shared their stories and their motivation to continue fighting for 15.

Read more about the largest ever Fight For $15 strike here: McDonald’s Workers Strike for Wage Hike 



Workers in St. Louis are not only organizing for $15 and union rights, but also for the safe working conditions that we deserve. Sign the petition to tell McDonald’s we need strong health and safety practices now!