4/14 Nashvile Workers Strike to fight back against McJobs that Hurt Us All

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Nashville continued to grow their movement for living wages and union rights, as fast food workers walked off their job for 24 hours. They were joined by many community organizations and elected officials calling for an end to corporate greed. They traveled to the State Capitol to speak out on the need for living wages and union rights across the state of Tennessee.

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Dec 4, 2014 Fast food workers in Nashville fight for $15 and a Union without retaliation from employers. Watch the strike video here!

December 5, Nashville joined the fight for $15 and union as the fast food workers in Nashville demand higher pay — December 5, 2013 • by Jennifer Herron of WSMV

Video: Fast food protests in Nashville join push for higher wages — December 5, 2013 • by the Tennessean

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