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13 Jun
Raise Up for $15

Washington DC wins $15 Min Wage, Durham, NC wins $15 for FT City Employees!

Last week saw two significant victories for working folks in the US! The nation’s capitol voted to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour for all workers. Mayor ... more
28 Mar

New York and California Become First States to Pass $15 Minimum Wages!

Days after 6.5 million Californians and thousands of hospital workers in Pennsylvania won $15/hr, millions of workers in New York—where the Fight for $15 ... more
13 Jun

STL735 to ShowMe $15

In January the Missouri State Legislature passed a new minimum wage for the state of Missori. Formerly $7.35/hr, the minimum wage was indexed to $7.50. more
12 Jun

Fast-food Frydays

A group of leaders from the Mid-South Organizing Committee, who participated in the city-wide strikes, came together to decide on a weekly action to engage other fast-food workers and community members. more
1 Jun

60+ Cities

August 29, was an incredible demonstration of solidarity amongst fast-food workers across the country. Over 60 cities joined the fight for $15 and a union without retaliation. more
29 May

St. Louis Strikes Again

St. Louis strikes again and brings with it Kansas City and East St. Louis. Starting early in the morning at the McDonald’s in East St. Louis. more
29 May

May 9, 2013

St. Louis joins the movement as the third city, after New York and Chicago, to go on strike. more
5 Dec

McDonald's Headquarters Arrest

Fed up with low pay, wage theft and McDonald’s refusal to listen to them, 101 McDonald’s employees from nearly three-dozen cities surged onto the company’s Oak Brook, Ill., corporate campus, calling for $15 an hour and a union, and were arrested. more